XyliMelts - opinions please

I'm am in dry mouth phase, and looking for options.  I tried the Biotene dry mouth paste and it mostly just accumulated mucus.  My rad oncol pushes XyliMelts, but they don't seem to do much.  I am on day two of that experiment, so they might yet produce, but so far, nada. I'm applying two at a time, upper outside jaw.   I'm very well hydrated, and extreme mucusites seems to be over. 


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    over 3,000 Xylimelts consumed


    I currently use Stoppers 4. Oasis,  Biotene rinse and spray, Xylimelts, Spry and other brands I run into along the way.  They all help a little bit to pretty good (nothing is perfect).

    I take 2 xylimelts every night when I go to bed, if I don’t my mouth dries up and feels like it is glued shut.  I put them in my lower gum (left and right).

    It is much better now than in the beginning.  I go nowhere without my water bottle, but sometimes do not need a drink and leave it in the car.

    For general health reasons I still drink close to 10 glasses of water a day.

    Use whatever you want, your new normal is one big experimrnt.


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    Noooooo!  I've been using you

    Noooooo!  I've been using you as my idol for post-post success.  You are all healed, and eating street tacos from push-carts, to go with the micro-brew you don't have trouble tasting.. 

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    I did an amazon order, Oasis,

    I did an amazon order, Oasis, Spry, Stoppers 4.  Most other things have healed, time to take a shot at this.  Another month before my PET, not much else happening (I hope).


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    I have tried xylomelts as well. I wake up with unmelted tabs stuck to my checks. I have resigned to waking up ever hour for sip of water and back to sleep. biotene spray seems to help a little while I am at work. Anything spearmint seems to help. Good Luck and keep trying to find the magic substance.

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    I was told accupuncture works

    I was told accupuncture works. Has anyone gone down that road?

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    All for them and anything

    All for them and anything else that works