2 Cancers

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Was not sure where to post this. My wife has stage IV leiomyosarcoma and has been through the ringer over the last 20 years. Just recently it has gotten more aggressive.  Now to add to the fun, last week she had a tumor removed from her rectum.  Now she has high grade invasive adenocarcinoma.  Anyone else fighting a war on 2 fronts.  We are working with Sloan kettering.  Would love to hear from those of you with a similar experience. Thanks !  Ji m


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    It doesn't seem...

    It doesn't seem that our bodies - or our lives, for that matter - have gotten the "One crisis per person at a time" memo. 

    I've not had similar experience with 2+ kinds of cancer, I'm familiar with others who have. Perhaps it could be helpful to post on the cancer-specific board(s). 

    Glad that you are there for and with your wife. Sorry you have found yourselves members of this club. Keep us posted. 

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    For what its worth - Memorial

    For what its worth - Memorial Sloan Kettering is one of the great sarcoma centers. My husband has leiomyosarcoma, too, and frankly if he were diagnosed with a second cancer I don't know what I would do. Sometimes life can be very unfair.

    I agree that a good resource is the disease specific boards. Also, if you aren't familiar with them, there are boards that deal specifically with leiomyosarcoma - https://www.smartpatients.com/conversations, and  http://listserv.acor.org/scripts/wa-ACOR.exe?A0=L-M-SARCOMA - these are secure sites and you will have to register but they have a wealth of info and shared stories from patients and caregivers. If you are on Facebook, request an invitation to join the groups Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research and The Language of LMS. They are both closed groups so your posts won't be seen by anyone else on FB. This may seem like a lot of info but I have found that its better to have too much info than not enough.

    Good luck!!

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    2 cancers

    Hi, Since December 27, my husband has been diagnosed with two differents cancers, not related. Been strike twice by lightning. Parotid gland (saliva) on Dec. 27 and rectum Jan. 25th. We are at #25 ou of 33 treatment for Parotid. Great fatigue, depression and the taste buds are completely numb. No more taste. Thick saliva, when any. Will be starting chemo/radiation for rectum as soon as my husband is somewhat recovered from that. With 28 treatments, we hope this will reduce the size of the tumor. Surgery will be perfomed, we hope for a temporary colostomy bag. Then will follow 16-18 weeks of chemo. 

    The depression part is the hardest to deal with right now. I am a very optimistic person, my husband not so. Tried antidepressant, so far not working for him. Actually wants to jump out of his skin when he takes it. Looking for a support group for men, where he could meet a survivor to show him it is possible to do, other people did. He some times tells me, he is not strong enough in his head to face all that. The only thing that calm him down is me holding his hand or laying down with him. Saw a therapist, I don't know that he wants to go back.... 

    We have two wonderful young adult daughter, it also affect their life. They don't want dad to give up. 

    Thank you for listening to me