Doxil Question?

I'm on single agent doxil now.  I have had 5 infusions, and my disease is "stable".  My CA-125 was "stable", but decreased from the high 180.  My symptoms are non-existent.  I have a small nodule on my rib that has decreased in size, so that it's no longer visible (the area where the tumor is tender, but no different than the other part of my rib).  My doctor has told me that he is willing to do additional rounds of Doxil, but I know that there is a life time limit.  Has anyone ever had a response after 5-6 rounds?  I tried calling about getting on a clinical trial, but none of the trials will take me with stable disease.

I have very few side effects other than fatigue, mild nausea, and that's about it.  No skin issues.


  • Lou Ann M
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    I had seven rounds.  I had very unpleasant side effects each time..  for me it worked well on small tumors but let the larger ones grow, including one that intwined itself in my intestine, causing a complete bowel blockage, surgery,  and 44 cm of intestine taken out.  If that had not happen, we would have continue on Doxil for a while. 

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Also interested in after Doxil what next?

    I have completed 3 rounds of doxil with three more to go barring complications. While I have had "foot-hand syndrome" redness and soreness take me off my feet for a couple days at a time, the rest has been manageable. I also believe my tumors are responding because there is no pain when pressing on mass areas in pelvis. I too will be facing what is next after doxil or what to expect so I also am interested in post doxil experiences. I am platinum resistant, eg. UPSC spread last year while on carbo taxol. Is there such a thing as an "accepted" next protocol after doxil for platinum resistant patients even when the disease is "stable"?  My doctor calls this a "chronic" disease so I am prepared mentally for the longer haul in treating it. The research and understanding is nearly a full time job! Lou Ann your experiences have been very helpful and hopeful. I have been told keytruda is not an option for me because I don't have the PD-L1 receptor which would make this a risky trial option.  K   

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    After Doxil

    I had seven rounds of Doxil and until I had a severe problem with it, my doctor was planning on me staying on it for quite awhile.  I went to Topotecan next, it did nothing for me, and then Avastin.  It was working wonderful for me, good shrinkage.  It was a generic match for me.  After two rounds I ended up with a mild heart attack, on of the rare side effects.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann