Sad News of Passing of Maggie (MacCallum) Known as Maggie Mac

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Hi Ladies:

  I have some very sad news to mention to you ladies on the uterine cancer board.  Maggie Mac as she is known her last name is MacCallum passed away from UPSC Stage 4 on Sunday, January 15th. She did write a number of posts on the uterine board under Maggie Mac.

   I have been in contact with her by telephone only though as I never actually got to meet her over the last couple of years.  She saw my post on the Uterine Board a couple of years ago and we kept in contact via the telephone.  I would call her every couple of months to see how she was doing.  She lives a little over an hour away from me in Telford, PA. She was diagnosed with UPSC the end of 2011 so she battled the cancer for over 5 years. I last talked with her in November. She mentioned the cancer was rapidly going through her liver.  I believe she mentioned to me she had gone through 60 treatments of chemotherapy over the past 5 years.  I will miss talking with her and I will pray for her.  Sadly, this cancer took another one of our sisters.

  Her obituary is online if you google Maggie MacCallum Veneziale her Obituary will come up.  Her picture is also shown. Her funeral was this past Friday, January 20th.  I found out on Saturday that she passed away by googling her name.  I knew she was very sick and I knew it would be a matter of time as very sadly as you ladies know UPSC is a terrible disease.    I did not know her family (she was 69) and she loved and adored her grandchildren.


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    Thanks Jane for letting us

    Thanks Jane for letting us know.  So sad. We continue to lose way too many of our warriors. :-(

    Praying for a cure soon!

    Love and Hugs,


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    RIP Maggie Mac

    So sorry to hear this sad news. May she rest in peace. Kim

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    Sad to hear


    Sorry to hear the loss of your friend.   Prayers and hugs.


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    Jane, thank you for sharing

    Jane, thank you for sharing with us.  It is ALWAYS so sad to hear us lose a warrior.  May God help her family at this difficult time.