Need any referrals to oncologists for Kaiser

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Hi ... i'm new to the board and happy I've found it.  My dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer.  He has Kaiser and as many of you know, Kaiser does not allow you to go anywhere outside of their network, well you can but they won't give you a referral nor will they pay.  So I'm trying to figure out another oncologist with expertise in stomach cancer within their network. The current oncologist is nice, but I don't think she has enough experience.  We are in Los Angeles (Baldwin Park facility for those familiar) and I'm willing to take my dad to any Kaiser facility in Southern California, or even Northern California if need be.  If anyone on this board has referrals or suggestions on finding an experienced oncologist at Kaiser, please send me a note.  I so appreciate it and appreciate all those on this board who are going through many of the same things that I am, that my dad is, and that we will be experiencing in the next few weeks.  Thank you.


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    I was diagnoseed with stomach Cancer last June and i go to the Kaiser on Cadillac.  My Oncologist is Dr. Milani and he is great.  I have many friends at MD Anderson in Houston and everything Dr. Milani has done here in LA, everyone at MD Anderson has agreed with.   He also referred me out to a specialist at UCLA for an appointment.  He knows his stuff, the only problem with the Kaiser system is that they do not have a specific doctor for each type of cancer but he is on top of all the  new stuff coming out.  Also, once you are at a point that Kaiser no longer has the ability, such as a big surgery, they will refer you out to a place that can do the procedures, trials etc.  Lastly, you will not get batter patient care than Kaiser.  That is what they concentrate on and they do a hell of a job.  I love the chemo nurses, the lab workers for my weekly blood draws, the appointment people that will always fit you in.  Hope this helps.