Chemo and Cardiomyopathy

my husband has been cancer free for 3 years. He had tonsil cancer . He had a major heart attack 4 months after treatment. He recovered well. His ejection factor was 55%. Several months ago He has diagnosed with heart failure With ejection factor 35%. Doc is puzzled by this progression and is leaning toward chemo damage as the cause. Has anyone had heart issues after chemo and radiation?


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    No Heart Failure

    I finished treatment six years ago for base of tongue cancer.  I received cisplatin chemo and a lifetime dose of radiation. So far my heart is fine.  Others here and in other support groups have experienced baroreceptor issues, and baro-reflex failure owing to radiation damage (expressed as fibrosis) of the carotid arteries. This is a long-term side effect and can occur years later.  Was your husband's heart in the radiation field during his treatment?  Could he be suffering from a progressive fibrosis of the heart muscle? 

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    Non ischemic Cardiomyopathy carboplatin paclitaxel cetuximab

    Thk u for your response.  No his radiation was not in the area of the heart although he does hv some fibrosis issues in upper part of lung They say was from rad.  So we will investigate that aspect. I am leaning more toward the chemo drugs. In reading drug info heart issues hv been noted. i am not blaming anyone. Without this treatment he would not be here. We and his cardiac docs r trying to figure out a reason for the dramatic drops in enjection factor. He is sch . For an internal defibrillator in March. Thks for help. Will look at fibrosis issue.