Uterine Carcinosarcoma Survivors

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I decided to make a new thread as the old one was getting longer. 

My name is Ashleig I talked to several other women out there who had the same thing my mother was diagnosed and I just wanted to give a little update. My mother's surgery was in November and I had said it would be December and was terrified because that would mean a two month wait but there was a huge misunderstanding. The surgery went really good which I'm really grateful for. 

As for chemo, she hasn't started anything yet and is already deciding she might not want to do chemo. For those of you who don't know, my older brother passed away from lymphoma last September and seeing him day by day struggling with chemo with an already poor immune system he had was just too much for her and so she is looking for other alternative treatments. I wasn't too happy to hear that however I respect her decision. 

That was just our little update but I also came back to hear from everybody else that I talked to. We're off to a new year already and I just really wanted to wish you all the best. I saw nothing but extraordinary strong women on this thread and I send you tons of hugs and love your way and here's to kicking cancer in the butt! Praying for all of you! 

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    One Thing

    One thing for your mom to keep in mind before letting what happened to your brother influence her decisions is that different cancers, different drugs, different treatments all result in different experiences and different results for each of us. Even with the same cancer and the same treatments we all have different things we bring to the table with us and so we are all unique in how we respond and get through it. Alternative treatments are certainly something to consider...many of us are fans of integrative therapies. I realize that both you and your mom are in the grip of grieving for your brother, but I hope your mom will make decisions that will give her the best odds for beating down the beast she has; it would be a mistake to assume that your brother's experience and outcome would therefore be the same for her. She needs to consider what would give her the best outcome and then look at options for getting through treatment as easy as possible. Even if she goes the alternative route, she has a battle for her life ahead of her and she needs to get in a fighting frame of mind. My condolences for the loss of your brother...it must feel like everything is going wrong all at once and is so much to have to cope with, but you sound like you are staying strong. Hang in there and just ask if you need anything else.

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    I can only echo what MAbound

    I can only echo what MAbound said about everyone experiencing chemo differently.  There are several of us here who got through chemo with relatively minor side effects.  Others had every side effect in the book.  I would urge your mother not to let the potential side effects be the only deciding factor when she chooses her treatment.  Personally, I am a big fan of integrative therapy, and using alternative methods to complement chemo can often help reduce the side effects and in some cases, enhance the effectiveness of chemo. 

    Seeing your brother struggle with treatment must have been so difficult.  With an already compromised immune system, chemo must have been devastating.  It isn't always like that, though.  As you say, it is her decision to make, but I hope that she considers the risks/benefits of chemo in regards to her well-being alone and doesn't assume she will have the same experience as your brother's.

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    Hi Ashleig-

    I'm so glad you let us know that the surgery was done sooner and it was just a big misunderstanding.  That is great news!!!  Have you gotten pathology results back yet?

    I am one of the gals who did the integrative approach because at first I was so set against chemo and radiation due to the horrible things you see and hear.  I sought the councel of my naturopath who specializes in oncology and she said that we could support my healthy body and reduce the side effects of the drugs and even enhance them to work better by prepping for each session.  I got acupuncture before and 24 hours after each treatment and took supplements and ate differently around them as well.  Between treatments I got IV therapy, acupuncture and continued supplements.  Did I lose my hair, yes.  Did I ache, yes.  Did I feel sick- no.  Did I get neuropathy- yes but very little in mostly my right foot.  It is very doable and should you choose to look into it please do be sure that the naturopath is certified and specialized in oncology.  They have been so much and can be invaluable because there is SO MUCH out there to sift through.

    I am SO SORRY about your brother and the fact that you all had to watch and go through that- it is heartbreaking without a doubt!  I agree with the ladies however, we are all very different and the cancers are different.  We do know that we have seen ladies on here for years and years and it is very doable.

    Prayers for you both as you support your mama and make decisions together.  You are very wise to be respectful of her decisions but that doesn't mean that you can't give her all the information so she can make the most informed decision possible before you come to the point of just accepting things right?  Please feel free to come often for info or support as we are here for you.  (((HUGS)))

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    Ashleig, your mom is very

    Ashleig, your mom is very lucky to have you by her side as she makes these tough decisions. They are never easy and there really is no right or wrong one.

    I agree with all the others who have posted about how everyone reacts differently to treatment and that basing her decision on your brother's bad experience (may he rest in peace) may not be the best idea. If she trusts her team of medical experts, then she should really consider their recommendations. If she doesn't, then she should get a different team. She deserves the best expert care that she can get. 

    Wishing your mom (and you) peace and comfort in whatever she decides,