synchronous cancers

I had surgery last July for two cancers and they were a very rare pair.  I had squamous cell cervical and endometrial(uterine adenocarcinoma) at the same time. Pathology kept thinking they made a mistake because they did so many biopsies prior to rushing me into surgery for what they thought was the "real" cancer. (uterine). It was a scary 2016 for me, but I'm still here! I am looking for people-ANY one who had the same pair of cancers I had. I have said no to treament so far but I have had only 2 post op checks.( My checkups are every 3 months for 3 years- ugh...and then every 6 months for 2 years) 

My oncologist has never had a patient like me in his 27 years of practice...and I'm not sure anyone knows quite what to do.  That's why I am seeking out anecdotal evidence.  Do I have twice as much chance of recurrance, after having two cancers? Nobody seems to know.  I am 56 and had zero risk factors other than a high grade dyplasia in my pap test and a LEEP procedure a few years ago.  I don't smoke or drink, I've had 4 kids, and I am normal weight and not diabetic.

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    Not exactly the same

    Hi Rebecca. Welcome to our board. Glad you found us and sorry you had to.

    I have a cousin who had endometrial and ovarian cancer found at the same time.  Both were contained in their locations. Her doctors wanted her to do chemo but she refused the treatment. So far, she has had one follow up visit (the first 3 month one) and is showing NED. It is too early to tell how just having surgery is going to do for her. Her health history is very similar to yours - not overweight, doesn't smoke or drink and has had a couple of kids.

    I hope you continue to stay NED forever.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Rebecca,  I don't think I have heard any woman here with those two together.  I had both kinds of uterine,  the "garden variety type" and agrees I've Type 2, Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma  (UPSC).  Maybe one of the ladies know someone though that I can't think of.  

    Please let us know if you have any questions - nothing is off limits. 


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    Not the same cancer but..

    hey there... so my case is a little different... i had one main cancer that was supposedy resolved with surgery and observation but two years later another large tumor was found on my remaining ovary... the doctors believe that I may have had a second separate cancer at the same time from two different sources. In my case they didn't detect the second until two years later and as mentioned before it had been left growing awhile. I didn't want to get treated for multiple possible root causes but here I am about to go through more chemo to account for other possibilities. You won't be able to find evidence online for the rare cases like us. It's best to ask for a second opinion at a larger cancer center if you're not already at one. My doctor also has never seen a duplicate of my case personally but there are documented cases of it. And I'm at Memorial Sloan Kettering. I went to Dana Farber for a second opinion and the doctor I saw there has a current patient with my exact circumstances. She said she would recommend the same exact treatment plan so while I'm not happy about it, I felt better about putting myself through it. Hope this helps.