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    CowboyBob said:

    ^ mo followup

    Had my 6 mounth followup today and was quite surprised to learn PSA was 33! (I'll update my PSA table later, but that's a rise from 5.7 this time last year. ) Got a lot of questions asking about synmptoms of prostatitis ( which I don't have) and had a negative DRE.  Urologist wants to repeat the PSA test and think about a 3T multiparametric MRI with guided biopsies if the PSA is not back down.  


    I had a flu like illness the week before my PSA was drawn. Can't believe such an impressive jump would be cancer. Maybe it is related to my viral illness. Anyway, looks like I may be headed for more biopsies

    Well We're waiting!!

    Hi Bob,

    New to this board and going for a biopsy tomorrow.....been reading your "case" with interest...See that you last posted on May 24...with a PSA of 33....Just wanted to know how you got on.......The suspense is killing meSurprised

         Regards      Tony

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    Sorry for the delay....

    Repeat PSA went down to 11, but that was enough to get an Multiparametric 3T MRI which just showed  an enlarged prostate. PSA then dropped back to 5!

    Plan is to simply re-check the PSA again in November.  

  • biopsys

    hello bob this is my first time on this forum.  My boyfriend had his biopsies done six days ago .  He is also still having some discomfort in perineum.  there is

    no longer blood in semen.  we got the results two days later and now he has to have CAT and bone scan.  Very hard times and the waiting for all the tests is very frustrating.  best of luck with your biopsy results.

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    Sorry to here of your

    Sorry to here of your boyfriends post biopsy discomfort.  Given that additional imaging is being requested, I assume the biopsy was positive. Make sure to get all the information regarding the workup and research your options before making a decision. The fine people on this board can offer their experience and considerable knowledge of the disease to help you along the way.

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    Repeat PSA was back down to 5. Will follow up in July. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

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    Back to PSA=5

    I admire your persistence in following your prostate health along the years. Your family PCa history requires that vigilance. I hope that 2017 brings you continuing low PSA and negative results.

    Happy New Year

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    July PSA

    Well, the July PSA is again 5 and the DRE is negative. Repeat PSA planned for November.