We're All Tough!

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I was watching a new show tonight with my daughter. It involves people who are trying to get through similar training to what soldiers go through. It's really hard and I'm really impressed with how tough these people are. Then it struck me. If they were told they'd have to go through some of the things we here on the board have gone through they'd probably refuse. I doubt they'd even give it a try. We had no choice and we're all here to tell about about it. We're tough, too! Tougher than many! I've been beating myself up lately because I'm so tired all the time but this show was a good reminder that I've earned some rest and relaxation. We all have!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get to spend time with your loved ones whether they're family or friends. And I hope we're all still here next year to celebrate it as well. Keep toughing it out my friends! You are some of the toughest people on the planet!

Best wishes!



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    Thanks, and back at you!

    Thanks, and back at you!

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    Merry Christmas Jan

         Hugs , have a happy and safe Christmas and a healthy new year. My best wishes to you and all the other survivors. Ron.

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    Merry Christmas...It's

    Merry Christmas...It's amazing what the human spirit is capable of when faced with tough situations!!!!