Jeopardy contestant Cindy Stowell dies of CRC

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The winning contestant on Jeopardy these past few weeks, has passed away from Colrectal Cancer. 

I think she will be a good reminder to people of what the face of Cancer looks like. And I mean, you don't have to look like you're dying.

She was so very young.  Oh, how I hate this disease. Any disease actaully.

All of her winning (almost $106,000) are going to Cancer research. Bless her heart!




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    I saw that and pondered that

    I saw that and pondered that a game show was her big bucket list item, the thing she wanted to do with the time she had left. To each their own, I guess. It's a shame she didn't get more time to enjoy her success, and, of course, that she was young......................Dave