Update we got bad news last week


The cancer is back on the original site, nasalpharygeal area and involves carotid artery. His oncologist said this area is hard to operate and he also had max radiation from initial treatment so the only option now is chemo. If the cancer reduces the size they will consider the possibility to re radiate the area.

His biopsy result will be in next week, so will the PET result. He will start chemo next week. 

I am really sad. He was down for a day but seems peaceful now. 

For those who are not familiar with our story, he was diagnosed with NPC stage 3 in August 2014. Had standard chemo and radiation therapy and finished treatment in January 2015. Lymphnodes reurrence found in july 2015 scan, treated with neck dissection. In January 2016 we had clean scan and doc has been scoping him every 2,3 months since then. Scopes were all good but this time cancer hided somewhere not visible to the eyes , the CT caught it. Plus he has been having a headache  for 4 months. 


I will keep you posted and hope his story can help others.






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    "C" I hate it.


    This is never easy to hear or understand.  My hope is for some good response to this next round of treatment.  I am not too versed in new treatment ideas, but know we have a few members receiving additional treatments, some with very good results.  Your doctor probably knows the best path to follow, but it sure doesn’t hurt to check other options.


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    You're getting bad news so close to the Holidays. Hopefully the chemo will shrink it to oblivion!

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    As you don't say what max radiation treatment he had, I am only saying that my husband had his first round of radiation (37 treatments) and then a year and half after he had a second round of radiation (37) in basically the same spot.  We were told that the second round would be dangerous because it could cause his carotid artery to burst and that is something they would keep a close eye on.  Thankfully he had no problems with the carodit artery.  There have been several on here that have gone thru several different rounds of radiation.  Maybe you should get a second opinion.  We were told that he could only have one round of radiation but after we were referred to a head and neck specialist for the surgery, he was the one who found the second primary and we were told he could go thru more radiation because surgery was ruled out due to the previous radiation and then surgery and the second primary was basically in the same spot.

    Wishing you peace and comfort.

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    I am sorry to hear this news.

    I am sorry to hear this news. I hope the treatment plan can knock out the cancer. Wishing your family peace and strength in the days ahead.

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    Terrible Timing

    I am so very sorry to hear of it coming back.  And especially during the holidays.  Do whatever you can and we'll pray for him here.  Cancer is so cruel.