my psa rising and falling

 On Oct 7, 2016, at 2:29 PM,

 i have seen 2 doctors so far. the 1st told me that the
     medical staff he belongs to agrees that we have to wait. the
     2nd doctor who is the one who operated me 5 years ago( in Dec 2011) told me to
     have a RMI. i did it. the imaging shows that i have a little
     local recidive 10*4mm. he told me that i should undergo a
     hormonotherapy and a radiotherapy as soon as possible for
     fear it grow.


    i didn't have any treatment at all. i saw different doctors actually. The last one doubted the reading of the IRM. He had it read by another specialist and the re-reading asserted "there's no recuurrence.". I couldn't understand.. i waited and yeasterday i nchecked my psa; there's no detectable psa at all.

my psa is falling again... less than0.07, it  is undetectable. i am very happy.
    is it common this rising then falling?

that is all. how and why is beyond my grasp! all i was told: there's a mistake in the first reading.
    what about the rising psa???
    what do you think?


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    Previous data is required to pair with the MRI results

    Welcome to the board.

    Can you share more details about you, your initial diagnosis and the PSA histology. It is impossible to provide you an opinion without info on your previous PSA when it risen. Your surgeon may have the details of your case so that his opinion could be better than the doctors you saw for the second opinion. The MRI (RMI, IRM) exam would not reveal cancer without additional data on the matter. Such info could be the basis for your surgeon' suggestion. Better to inquire again or share the initial data with the other doctors.