**HELP** Folfox Chemo - What to expect?

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Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is doing well.

I come from the breast cancer group (dx at 32). I have a strong family history of cancers, and recently, an uncle was dx with colon cancer (with mets to the liver). He will be getting Folfox (and Erbitux?) for the chemo regimen. I've been told the infusion is for 48 hours, every 15 days? Is this accurate? What should he expect? What are some of the side effects? How long do the symtoms last? And what diet would you recomend?
Anything you can suggest would be helpful. Thank you all for your help. And I am sorry you're all dealing with this nightmare.




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    Sorry about your uncle. 

    I was on the FOLFOX regime and this is how it went for me.  I went in to the Chemo unit every two weeks (other than the weeks it was postponed for differing reasons) for infusion, which lasted about three to four hours, and then I was hooked up to 5FU with the pump which I took home with me for 48 hours.  

    Not sure about the Erbitux, that one I didn't get. 

    As you know, its all very confusing at the beginning. Lots of information is thrown at you and you come home thinking 'now what did they just tell me?'.

    I wish your uncle well as he goes forward with treatment. 


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    A recent thread

    With some information and various thoughts.  If you click on my name, there is some more information of how it went as I went along (only had FOLFOX)



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    FOLFOX side effects

    Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    His doctor or nurse should go over all the potential side effects of the treatment. I had a training session before starting chemo where they discussed all the potential side effects from common to rare. They had some general statistics about the percentage of patients that experienced the various side effects. They should be able to control any nausea with anti-nausea medications they infuse before they start the chemo. If the nausea gets bad, your uncle should be sure to let them know. I got a blood test before each infusion and a visit to either the doctor or nurse prior to the infusion where they asked about side effects so they could adjust meds if need be. I had a relatively easy time of it, but still got fatigued and still have some lingering peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet.