still have drainage lump feeling?


I have been clear for 16 months but still have a lump in my throat. I can take mucinex and it helps.Some times it is hard to swallow. This condition works on the mind mostly. Is their any ideas to help condition?Will it get better? Doc says just part of the side effects. Thanks John B



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    our physician mentioned some success with acupuncture and taking 2 teaspoons of organic honey by mouth per day. Good luck....

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    What does your ENT say?  Have you had a a swallow study?  If everything checks out good  to go, it may be something that will get better with time or something to get used to.

    While I do not feel any lumps in my throat, it is different.  It is almost as if there is now a shelf down there. I have to be careful when eating and swallowing.  Today, a lady in a store offered me a chocolate and I  had to say no as I had nothing to swallow it with and to attempt a dry swallow, well good luck.