Round 2


PET showed SCC has metastasized to my lungs and bones. My head and neck are cancer free, so far. I have started an aggressive chemotherapy. Every 21 days I get carboplatin, taxotere, and erbitux. And every week I get erbitux. Hopefully the mets respond to the chemo. If that fails I start immunotherapy. Down but not out. 


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    Round 2


    I am sorry about the additional scc.

    You definitely are not out.  Many H&N members have good results from a combo of chemo drugs. 

    Stay positive, keep hydrated and get plenty of nourishment.  Remember to keep your team informed on ALL changes.

    Good luck.


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    Thinking of you. Hope the new

    Thinking of you. Hope the new chemo does its work! In my prayers always!

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    Be strong and let us know how

    Be strong and let us know how you're doing.. prayers for you. bill


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    It's getting tough

    Sorry to hear this. I've just come off the same chemo combo except mine was weekly. I've just started immuno / Keytruda and posted about it today. Like you my SCC has metastasised so it's very much game on. 

    As for your new chemo cycle drink lots. Are you able to do vitamin c infusions? I've been doing it for 8 months now and believe it reduces chemo toxicity. Just a thought. 

    Hoping for a positive reaction with the chemo.