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I had a tongue biopsy on October 26, 2016.  It's now Nov 27, 2016 and my tongue still burns and hurts.  The biopsy was a fairly large excision of a "lesion" and hurt like hades!  It apparently let thrush loose in my mouth and OMG!  Felt like my mouth was filled with embers!  

Biopsy came back moderate dyspepsia something or other, considered precancerous.  Biopsy said there was one margin that was not clear...   here's the thing...  I'm a five year survivor from SCC anal cancer....  HPV related.  This scares me.....  not sure what to do...   chemo from that tx would have gotten rid of it if it was there four or five years ago.   Good grief....   any suggestions?


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    I'd just keep following up with your oncologist.  Sorry to hear this.  Man after all this time to have anything even in the same general area would be so scary!

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