CT scan - Good News!

My husband Dave received some great news yesterday.  He has received three rounds of Rituxin and Bendamustine, in the last three months.  Dave had a CT Scan and the cancerous lymph nodes have shrunk by 70%!  We are so grateful on this very special Thanksgiving Day. 


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    Happy to here the good news, makes Thanksgiving extra special for all of you.


  • po18guy
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    Good response!

    Those tumors do tend to melt like ice cubes once R+B hits them. Very good indeed.

  • illead
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    he'll be able to keep that beautiful head of hair!  Many congrats.  It is such a big relief, we all know.  Now you can get on with your life albeit a little different but always stay positive.


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    Yee Hah

    A perfectly lovely Thanksgiving gift! - paella

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    Very good news at a great time of the year.