Always superstitious about scans....surprised me...

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Had my scans on election day.  I am a bit superstitious about the scans (and only the scans).  Fortunately, Uncle Ned was re-elected.


  • Footstomper
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    Long may it remain that way

  • nancybuck
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    Happy To Hear

    Wonderful results! Keep up the good work.

  • sblairc
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    "Make America NED Again"

    That's an election platform I can get behind. YAY!!! 

  • stub1969
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    Good news!

    Congratulations!  You're pushing three years now, right?  Praying for you that it continues.


  • Deanie0916
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    Congrats on Uncle Ned being re-elected!

  • Spivey88
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    Hope you continue to get these results!! 

  • daisybud
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    Fantastic news!

    Happy for you! 


  • mrou50
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    Happy for you

    Great news, here is to a permanent visit from Uncle NED.


  • Allochka
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    Congrats! I'd vote for Uncle

    Congrats! I'd vote for Uncle NED too. I'd even proclaim him a dictator for life! :-)

  • marosa
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    Great news!!!

    And great humor!  Very good news dhs!

  • JerzyGrrl
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    The incumbent good news platform won --

    Uncle Ned all the way -- YAY!

  • Phredswife
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    That is awesome!

  • Jojo61
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    Love hearing about Uncle Ned

    Love hearing about Uncle Ned's visits!!  Congratulations! 



  • sblairc
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    That is awesome!

    HI Phredswife!! GOOD TO SEE YOU!!


  • foroughsh
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    Uncle NED deserves to become

    Uncle NED deserves to become the king of dhs territory, he is supposed to stay for good.