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I met with my Company's Benefits Service Coordinator about 2 years ago to discuss the supplemental cancer policy.  My husband had already been diagnosed with cancer and I was wondering if it would be beneficial to purchase it.  She said that because he has already been diagnosed, we can purchase it and then there is a 2 year waiting period before I can collect any reimbursement benefits.  I believe this 2 year mark will be 1/1/2017.  Therefore, I contacted our new benefits coordinator to find out how to file a reimbursement claim once I have reached that date. They are now saying that you have to be diagnosed before you get the policy.  Has anyone else had this experience?  I even talked to a cancer patient at my company that verified what she said was true before I purchased it.  There is no way I would've purchased it had I known.  What they are saying makes sense but she talked me into it.  UGH! I've contacted my HR and that cancer patient for moral support and I am waiting to hear back from them.  :(



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    Hope you haven't been snookered.

    Cancer policies seem to be a world unto themselves. And they probably have some part of the fine print that they can change or revoke any part of the coverage at any time.

    Starting at the HR level makes sense.  Then you go to the agent who sold the policy to the company and the enrollment forms they should have..  Then to the company.  Make sure you have the copy or the agreement between your employer and the agent/company, all your documents, and correct dates.

    I work in HR for a small company in Oregon and we had always (since 1970) covered EE's-spouse-children for med/eye/Rx and Dental. That was in lieu of giving big raises and it was a write off for us.  When the economy tanked a few years ago, we cut back the spouses if they could obtain coverage thru their own work, even if it cost more than ours.  Then the Universal Health Laws came in and since we have 10 or more EE's we still have to cover EE's, some spouses, and children until they are 26.  I hesitate to say dependent kids, because we had to cover one daughter even after she had dropped out of college and gotten married.

    Good Luck and hope you can get some quick answers.


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    It's a scam. They did this to my husband.

    I think some agents get bonus or something based on referrals or something. My husband went through a similar thing. It was BS. 

    . They sign you up to run the numbers knowing full well you don't qualify. Sorry this happened. Any insurance with metastatic disease is unlikely from what I understand

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    I'd definitely ask about that as well.  Sounds like you were led astray.

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    Thanks for your feedback. HR

    Thanks for your feedback. HR is working on it now. The cancer patient at my company said he got the same push back when he reached the date of collecting treatment reimbursement and HR fought for him and now gets reimbursements for treatment. I just have to wait for them to work it out.