Women on Metformin who are not diabetic or pre-diabetic

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Is there anyone here who is on metformin who is NOT diabetic or pre-diabetic?  It seems that everyone I've read about who is on it has one of those conditions.

I know, thanks to TakingControl's research, that it works against cancer in a number of ways that don't seem to be connected with diabetes, and so was curious if anyone here is, like me, not diabetic.



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    Chris, I also spoke with my

    Chris, I also spoke with my onc about it on my last visit and she said they are finding it to be more of a wonder drug that is helping with all sorts of things - cancer being one of them.  I told a friend, who has Stage 3 UPSC, about metformin "helping" fight cancer and her doctor didn't want to prescribe it, but he did give her a scrip for the smallest dose.  She was not pre or diabetic.  He didn't want to do it though - have her taking something she didn't need.