wife and husband thyroid cancer


I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in 2007 and now my husband has been diagnosed in July of 2016 -- is there any connection?? has any one else had something similar??

thanks Deborah


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    I'm not sure--it's a good question for your doctor.  I just had my thyroid removed on Wednesday and am recovering.  When I asked my doctors about what caused this, they really said it's just bad luck.  Thyroid cancer is pretty common and effects a lot of people.  You didn't say what kind of thyroid cancer your both have/had.  Through a fine needle biopsy, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.  Hope all goes well for you.


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    I was diagnosed with Thyroid

    I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in Jan 2016 (while going in to remove 1/2 my thyroid for hyperactivity that would not respond to meds) and during surgery my two nodules (2cm on right, less than 1cm of left) were found to be cancerous (2 previous biopsies were always inconclusive).  Had RAI 100 in April, been responding well to Synthroid ever since.  Fast forward to today, my husband's blood work showed up as HYPOthyroid 2 weeks ago, went for u/s a week ago, saw two nodules, doc recom biopsy, both nodules tested positive for cancer.  TT is next step.  So yes, both me and my husband (a year apart) have Thyca.  I'm thinking it is environmentally related.  It's not contagious, so that' my only guess.