Neuprogen for low WBC - bone pain

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I have had 4 shots of neuprogen to raise WBC (having 5 before next chemo), as my chemo has been reduced 20 and then 30% so far.  Today when I got up (after 3rd shot yesterday) had some weird , fairly sharp spinal pain and in area of a hiatal hernia I have - especially when I laid down or sat.  Better if stood up.  Took 2 more tylenol and seemed to help so far.  They said main side effect is muscle and joint aches, like the flu - but not the bone pain.  Has anyone else found this taking neuprogen or neulasta for WBC?  And what did you take? I hate to take something with codeine, as suffer chronic constipation and get partial blockages.  Hope tylenol works.


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    they actually call it boney pain, which always makes me laugh. 

    So, the answer is yes. Bone pain is a common side effect of Neupogen. I was on the shots every weekday for ages. I had the bone pain really bad a couple if times. I went to bed with my hot water bottle and Tylenol (A hot water bottle is my cure all). 


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    I've heard that Claritin (Loratadine) helps

    Supposedly daily doses of the common antihistamine Loratadine counteracts some of the side effects from neupogen and/or neulasta.  Basically, start taking it the morning of your shot and keep going for a few days after.  Always check with your dr, but this is supposedly very effective.  I never had to have neupogen or neulasta, so I can't speak from personal experience.

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    Neulasta Onpro Kit

    Yes, I get bone pain too with the Neulasta shot. It often feels like flu type muscle aches, but its deeper because rubbing the muscles doesn't help. Ive found that Claritin and extra strength Tylenol take care of most of the pain, except for the cranium pain. That is like a migraine that won't go away so I take some oxycodone for that. Also, there's a "kit" that you can have rather than the shot. Its a little device that sticks to your arm. 24 hrs after its turned on it injects the Neulasta over 45 minutes. I love that little thing because the bone pain is WAY less from that than with the shot- not sure why. Maybe because it's injected slowly rather than all at once. It's intended for convenience so that someone doesn't have to come back to the hospital after treatment just to get the shot. 

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    I got the bone pain

    mostly in my shins and hips. The nurses told me to take the Tylenol or Claritin in the morning, before I got the Neupogen shots and that worked well. The Tylenol worked for me so I didn't try the Claritin, but was told it works very well. They did suggest that I not take Benadryl because it didn't work well for the bone pain.


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    Neupogen shot

    Thank you for the suggestions - I think I was given neupogen shots (1/day, 5 days) because apparently the neulasta is twice the price - I have extremely crappy drug coverage, so may have to pay out of pocket for some ($950 per treatment - that creates a lot of stress for me that I don't need).  They said muscle and joint ache, but this is more in the bone and goes out - mostly in the spine, hiatal hernia area into intestine and mid chest - and a little different than ache. Almost like I need an antacid to help with some of it.  I did take just tums last night (had taken tylenol during day) and sleeping pills and was able to sleep.  I'll try the water bottle, taking two regular tylenol before shot, and an antacid if I have pain mid section.  Also the pain really comes and goes - much worse in spine when lay down or sit. Right now, I am sitting and no pain - weird.  Again thanks.