leg pain 3years after having treatments

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I was diagnoised with cancer three years ago it was called squamous cell cancer and had to have radation treatments and chemo. I am completely cured of cancer for now. My problem is that my legs shoot pain severely when walking a distance and it is so bad I have to take several breaks to continue with my walk rather it be to catch the bus or out shopping. My doctor has been prescribing me oxcodones for the past three  years 5mg. They have had tests ran on my legs but cannot find out what is the source of the pain in my legs. I really got the feeling last time I saw my dr that she thought I was making it up about the pain in my legs and believe me the pain is very real. I would love to take my grand kids to the zoo but know I cannot because of the walking and the pain I would endure.. My legs were fine until I had the radation treatments that were done on my pelvic. Has anyone else had this experience.


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    So sorry you are experiencing this leg pain.  My legs get tired easily these days, but any pain I have is related to activity.  I was treated in 2008.  I'm not sure what could be the cause of your pain.  If you are having any numbness and/or tingling in your extremities along with the pain, then perhaps a neurologist should be consulted.  It could also be vascular, meaning a blood clot.  Rather than continuing to give you pain medication, IMO, your doctor should be trying to find out the cause.  I wish you all the best and hope you get some answers soon.


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    Hi Billy

    Hi Billy. Sorry to hear about your pain. I have a lot of pain when walking distances too. I can go just so far (about 2-300 feet) then have to stop till the pain abates. Then I can go again, as if nothing happened, for about another 2-300 feet. As far as I know, it's due to spinal stenosis in the back (I've seen two spine specialists who both say the same thing). If someone has spinal stenosis, the nerves in the back get compressed as they walk because of narrowing of the open spaces in their spines. Does your pain go away after sitting/stopping for a while? If it does, that's a classic symptom of spinal stenosis. Have you been evaluated by a spine specialist?

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    Leg pain


    i started having leg weakness and pain two years after treatment. It would stop if I tested then start again after a distance. Iliac arteries in the groin area becoming clogged. Dr. Told me he thinks it's from radiation. See a vascular dr. They can diagnose this issue.