Stage 4 lung cancer in "remission"

I am new to this type of communication and hopefully did this set up right. I am 6 mos responsive to chemo + radiation for stage 4 lung. Also now a 6 year breast cancer survivor. I am now in "remission?" I have no idea how to handle this emotionally. Yes its great, but waiting for recurrance expected? I can say that the fatigue from past year of treatment is profound and hard to manage whilst working FT. The bottom line is working to keeping my health insurance since I am not medicare age for another 6 years. Stats would be I probably will die before that so obsessed about how to pay for the handful of years likely to live. It is Harsh stuff to think about.


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    I really don't know much about SSI disability but I think you would certainly qualify.  This way you could stop working and devote all your energy to your health and healing, plus qualify for medicaid.  Assuming you are in the USA. 

    Its great that you are a 6 year breast cancer survivor.  I had Stage II anal cancer and finished tx on 6-30-09.  Upon rescan a lung nodule was found and I had vats to remove my lower right lobe on 9-23-10, Staged 1A NOMO.  So far so good on both, I am fortunate that my cancers were caught early.

    I wish you well, and keep us posted. Lori

    BTW, Inspire health web site is another excellent source for lung cancer and many posters.