2 Years Ago...

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Hello, all,

Sorry to say that it's been a little while since I've posted... I've been busy with my son and a new job that I'm loving.  (Left McDonald's for Wawa)

But today is the 2-year anny of my surgery... Can't "officially" say I'm 2 years cancer free because my scans are next week and I see my doctor on the 31st to go over them... But I have a feeling I can confidently say that, considering my small tumor and prognosis (See my "About Me" page).  

Just wanted to check in on this momentous day and tell you guys that I have been keeping up with your posts, just haven't had the time to be as active as I'd like to be.  Keep on keeping on, people!

- Jason 


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    I am sure your scan will be

    I am sure your scan will be fine too! I read your posts from two years ago and I am glad to find another person who also had a Cystic RCC.

    I have two little gals and undersatand how tiring it can be. The RCC put me off work for six weeks and finally had sometime to think about life.

    It is only 7 weeks for me, so even though my doctor put the word excellent in the prognosis field on my report. The uncertainty feeling is still bugging me everyday, does it still bother you after two years?


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    A good start



    Two years Ned is just the begining.Show us what you are made of.




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    Good to hear from you Jason

    and sure to have more good news to come!  Your little one has grown! Cute guy!

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    All the best with the scans.

    All the best with the scans. I'm confident it will be good!

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    Good luck

    Best of luck Jason. I hope everything continues to be clear for you.

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    All the best

    All the best, this (two) year and the rest!