heart surgery and cancer

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My husband has had a checkup one month ago and they found out that he had a severe heart condition, he was rushed for an angioplasty and they placed 2 stents. two weeks later when getting back to the doctor, as the results from the checkup came out, we found out he had a mass in his left kidney. We were sent to have a scan made wich revealed that there is a tumor, However as the heart procedure requests blood thinners during a minimum of 6 months we can not make any biopsy or surgery, we can't stop the blood thinners.

The doctors are trying to find other specialists that have had such cases without success.'

Has anyone of you had such an experience that he could share with us in order for us to find the right solution for my husband.

Thank you very much for helping 



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    Sorry to hear about your story. I do not have a heart condition so I can not help with any information. Just wanted to say God bless you and your husband.

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    Sorry to hear that. How big

    Sorry to hear that. How big the tumor is and where exactly  is it located? If it is small, it could be safe to wait 6  months, because kidney cancer typically  is slow growing and doesn't usually metastise untill much bigger.


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    Sorry to hear the situation.

    Sorry to hear the situation. I believe the doctor must be monitoring the mass closely. Kidney cancer is slow growing in general espcially when it is small. Some of the small ones even shows indolent nature some have zero growth for a long period of time where doctors might recommend active surveillance instead of immediate treatment. Also, it can also be a benign mass as well.

    I am sure the doctor will monitor the growth and take action by considering the risk between the two situations. Did they recommend CT or MRI at the moment?