3.5 years and counting...

Fellow warriors,

its been awhile as the days and months roll by and I get caught up in my kids activities and the seeming normal activities of life. Then you look at the calendar and realize another milestone is upon you on this never ending journey. Not really brought about by another scan, another doctors visit or another blood draw but just by the passing of time. in the beginning of this journey it was marked by another treatment, another doctors visit, another scan and yet as time moves on it has became another week, another month and yes another year. Oh don't get me wrong the BIGGIES still loom, mostly in the back of my mind which are slowly be crowded out by the most important dates... my son's high school graduation, a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and yes another birthday somewhere in the early fifties range!!!! So today as I walk pass the calendar, I pause. To remember. To give thanks. To reflect. And then it's out the door into another beautiful morning and it's time to LIVE! Blessings to those starting the fight, to those in the midst of the fight and to those like myself who are a better father, a better husband and a better person BECAUSE of the fight!


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    WHOO HOO!!!

    Congratulations....the big 4 year out is just around the corner.


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    3.5 years


    It sounds like you are the poster child for a successful new normal.

    Rock on,


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    All the very best from Liverpool UK brother x

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    Thank you

    My husband is just one week post treatment and there has been no relief.  I realize his recovery is going to be slow with small victories along the way.  I take a lot of hope from your post and that of others who have preceded us in this journey and look forward to the day we write about living our lives once again.

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    3.5 Years!

    Congradulations, such excellent news to hear. I'm finishing week 4 of 7 for radiation and yesterday I had my 2nd of 3 chemo treatments. Its very comforting to read your progress.