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Hi all. I was using colgate gel Kam but it stained my teeth very badly, so now I need some ideas for a non staining gel.

Has anyone tried the Ionite gel? my dentist said it's non staining. 



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    I have used the following poroduct the past two years with no issues.


    No hassle of trays, just brush everynigh before I go to bed, read the following link for instructions



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    Yes, the Colgate Gel-Kam is a stannous flouride which stains the teeth.  The other one eludes me but my dentist refused to offer it.  Your dental hygenist can easily clean the stain off but they don't like the extra work.  Tough, that's their job and it won't cost you anymore.  Tell them you've had cancer and they'll do it just fine.

    Lucky for me, I have an Oral Surgeon on my team that doesn't charge for his cancer patients and I only pay what he pays for the gel.  It's $5.00 per tube.  He said he can afford to treat his C patients only because his practice is so good and busy.  He is the best there is in my city.  I don't have dental insurance so  he has saved me hundreds of dollars that I cannnot afford to spend.  To me, this man walks on water.  We, nor he, advertises his business dealings with his C patients and I've only sent one good friend over to see him.  But if he has insurance then he'll get paid.  If I had money to leave in my will, he'd get it.  Thing is, he is a wealthy man vs me who lives on a pension and paycheck to paycheck.  

    Some good news for the day, yes?  A person who cares about us and proves it everyday.

    Good Luck LiseA,


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    I bought Ionite fluoride gel

    I bought Ionite fluoride gel from my dentist at $20 a tube!  I ran out of the Colgate Gel-Kam so was afraid to wait too many days. They were good at cleaning the brown stains, but I don't like having them.