New flavoured Colonoscopy prep being tested

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It sure would be nice to have a prep that didn't taste bad. 



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    I found lemon gatoraid mixed with the golightly just tasted a little salty!!!

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    Maybe it's a case of

    repressing bad memories, but I don't remember what the stuff tasted like.  Unfortunatley, it will probably all come back to me shortly before the next  one.


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    I Used This

    Just mixed it in a big bottle of Gatorade, did not need the extras,  just the Miralax.)  Worked pretty well and tasted just like Gatorade and nothing else.  Just make sure to mark the bottle clearly when it is in the fridge so no one else drinks it ;)

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    And By The Way

    On this part of the article, I am not sure it is the taste part of the process and much as certain other aspects ;)

    Many patients avoid the procedure because the preparation process is so unpleasant, said Dr. Douglas Rex, a professor of medicine at Indiana University. However, 40% of all colon cancers might be prevented if people underwent regular colonoscopy screenings, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

    "Bowel preparation is the most commonly cited reason for not undergoing colonoscopy, and this is true even for patients who have never had a colonoscopy," Rex said. "This means the word is out that bowel preparation is generally unpleasant, and efforts to improve the tolerability of colonoscopy bowel preparation are an important aspect of the drive to lower colorectal cancer incidence and mortality."