New here and completely lost with what Dr.s are "not" saying

I have no clue what is going on. I asked my Dr point blank If I had heart issues from feet swelling I suspected from heat but others freaked me out. So she sent me for a Echo and a chest xray. Xray came back with a nodule of right lung. Next was a CT scan. (By the way heart is great.) Ct scan showed lobulated noncalcified 1.8 cm inferior, lateral right upper lobe mass concidered highly suspicious for primary lung carcinoma, a nearby smaller lobulated low density right upper lobe pulminary nodule no specified, small middle mediastinal level lymph node non specified and a 1 cm low left hepatic low density focus appears consistent with a benign cyst.

21st sept I take my CT scan to a lung specialist, she views the cd and report then tells me she can do a biopsy or Pet scan as she is unsure, suggesting with the pet scan she will know and then just remove the larger suspicious nodule if need be. In the mean time on Oct 4th I get a pulminary function test which turned out fine. The 5th I go for the Pet Scan/ct. Lung specialist calls me that night and continues to ask if I have Sarcoidosis in my family, well not to my knowledge and says a few more spots lit up .She still cant tell.  Then she schedules and endobronchial ultrasound with biopsy the 11 sept. I didnt get to see her that day at all and once in recovery my husband walks in and says I have Lymph node cancer stage 3 ...WTH. no Dr anywhere for me to talk to. So for the last two days this dr wont call me back and none of the biopsies have came back from the lab. Out of nowhere My GP calls and wants to schedule a CT and bone scan I ask why and she says the lung dr called her tonight and said a spot lit up on my abdomen and bone, I was shocked this scan was done on the 5th and no one tells me till now? I asked what do I have she says "fairly certain" lung cancer but no biopsy results yet. When I said the lung specialist said Lymph node cancer she went silent. Has anyone went thru such insanity with their Dr? I have no clue what to think and I feel not stating the bone and abdomen lighting up was neglecting my health.


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    non small cell lung cancer

    I was 54 when I was diagnosed with this cancer which was in both lungs, altho mostly in one lung plus in my lymph nodes in the mid chest.  I did not have a good prognosis but it is now 8 years later and my cancer has not returned as of yet. I did the chemo and radiation together and altho I was fairly ill at the time it was well worth the pain. Good luck to you and remember that the mind does wonders!

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    I am sorry your drs are not

    I am sorry your drs are not helping with the emotional shock of the diagnosis.  There is no cancer until the biopsies prove there is cancer.  Its irresponsible for the drs to treat you this way and not answer your questions.  When I was 1st dx with anal cancer I asked my dr if he would treat his mother with the same protocal as me and he said yes.  My lung cancer was found on follow up scans for the anal cancer and I had my lower right lung lobe removed on 9-23-10 and so far so good.  I really like what pbier posted that gives a lot of hope for people in the same situation.  Just remember pet scans light up everything its sees and inflamation and infection can light up as well.  I wish you well and keep us posted. Lori