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Hi everyone,

My husband is 2 weeks post radiation tomorrow. He hasn't needed the magic mouthwash in a couple days and had his 1st non liquid food in over a month yeaterday (scrambled eggs). He gets extremely tired and sleepy after eating and needs a nap. Is this normal?  He doesn't have a tube so he's ready to eat!

Also how long should he continue his baking soda/water swish and gargle?  He is going to continue with Glutamine at least another month.  It really seemed to help with mucous and maybe even helping turn the corner quicker with mouth sores.  

Thanks as always!


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    yes and yes

    IMO, keep all the helpers (mouthwash, swish, etc) around until he just hasn't touched it in a month. I am just over 4 weeks and as I start to try different foods again, I find myself using the lidocaine mouth wash to help with soreness after 'real' meals. I also find there are properties of the wash that seems to help healing so i use it at night before bed to keep the area medicated. The swish (some call it 'swizzle') is good to use after eating still to keep the mouth cleansed. Unless he's brushing twice a day and using regular mouth wash, I'd personally recommend he keep using the swish post meals, before bed, etc. Rinse a couple times with the swish then rinse with fresh water. Don't be in too big a rush, it took weeks to get into the condition, it will take many weeks or months to get back to a 'new normal'. God bless.

    much love,