Did U know U might qualify 4 help with travel 2 a medical facility ?

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Had some good info about help with travel if you live in the Northeastern region of our beautiful country.  But for some reason, I sent a letter to Jodi, and it went with no problem.  Now I want to give you some info about free air travel if you qualify, and it simply will not post.  Sometimes all the treatment we need isn't always "close to home" and finances prevent us from traveling to a better facility.  So check out "Patients AirLift Services" and see if you qualify for some help with your travel needs.  Hope it posts without my comments.



  1. http://www.palservices.org/


“Changing Lives, One Flight At A Time


Patient AirLift Services arranges volunteer medical flights and free air transportation for needy individuals throughout the greater Northeast region, from Virginia to Maine, Ohio to Massachusetts.”


The Patient AirLift Services’ network of volunteer pilots provide free medical flights and air transportation services, receiving no compensation, using their own or rented aircraft. No fees of any kind are charged for these services.



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    You are such a precious

    You are such a precious resource Ms Loretta!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.