HBOT and claustrophobic


I am 3years post treatment for stage 4 throat cancer and now I have a bad tooth they want to pull but the oral surgeons are insiting on HBOT. The problem is after the radiation treatments I will not get in a confined space. Is it mandatory to have this therapy?




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    drugs to help


    I just reviewed the past 4 times we spoke and hope other than this issue you are doing fine.

    HBOT may or may not be mandatory, but the reason for it is important.  They need to do everything they can to increase the success rate of the procedure.

    From some on here, they have made it sound pleasant enough, listen to music or read a book.  You can always take some Lorazepam prior to your session to take the edge off.

    Good luck,


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    Hi. I am just finishing up 60, yes, dives prescribed for radiation injury.

    yes, it is important that you do HBO if you are having an extraction. Usually it's 20-30 dives before the extraction and 10 after. HBO increases the oxygen deep into the tissues to promote healing. 

    I am claustrophobic as well and I was very fearful of diving. However, I can tell you that I've been fine. The chambers that I've used are clear acrylic. You can see all around you. After a while, you almost forget the acrylic is there as it tends to disappear. You cannot have anything inside, no books, etc. but you can have something to drink. Each of my dives lasted 2 hours. There is a TV mounted above you and you can either watch TV or sleep. I also take two oxygen breaks at which time you take a mask to your face and breathe in a lesser concentrate of oxygen. You have to swallow when you do down and come up as you would on a plane when the pressure changes. That's about the only thing. It's not an unpleaseant experience. If I can do it 60 times, you can do it. PM me if you need any more info. Best of luck!

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    sound good Bunnymom

    tv that's bettter!

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    Claustrophobic is a side effects of treatment and it by its self is hard to overcome. I had problems with teeth and had to get HBO and like you said no way, but the hospital calls and said come in and see, they had two of the newest HBO chambers. It was made from Plexiglas and I could see 360 degrees all around me, so HBO treatment was not as bad. Ask the place where you are planning to do treatment about what type of chambers they are using; it might not be as bad as you think.




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    Watched a lot of movies in HBO

    The facility I went to had the clear chambers with TVs mounted and a DVD player hooked up.  They had a library of DVDs or you could bring your own.  I really maximimized my Netflix subscription through HBO getting a new movie every couple of days for the treatment.  If I didn't get one from Netflix I did RedBox for a movie.  Some chambers are large for multiple people so it all depends on the center.

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    i don't write a lot hear but seen your posy and thought I would put my two cents in . I just have a full jaw reconstruction due to ORN of my heft jaw . I had 40 drives of HBO and it did help for awhile , but  the bone loss was to great . It started with my tooth that needed a crown and when the dentist prepared it , he injured the bone around it . I guess my advise is to make sure you have people around you who know what they are doing . But you need to take care of your teeth . Wish you all the lucky !


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    ORN caused by crown?

    Hi Pat,

    This is the first ORN report caused by crown dental work. What happened that caused damaging of the jawbone? Typically the crown would affect the upper part of the tooth. How did the ORN develop after this incident?

    We all know to be very careful with dental care post rads, particularly any procedure involving the jawbone. but learning that a procedure not involving the bone triggered ORN is quite worrisome.