Blood clot during chemo


Has anyone had clots during chemo? Mum had a clot near the heart one week after first chemo. She was put on clexane to prevent further clots. But as a result her blood counts are very low and still going down after 3 weeks. She couldnt get the second round of chemo last friday. Now waiting for next week to see if they go up. Doctors are thinking maybe clexane is causing the issue. Would like to hear from anyone who had similar experience. Her platelets are extremely low. Any advice on boosting platelets and blood cells will also be great. Thankyou.



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    Sorry it took so long to write

    i had to,think.  I was in the ER several times with unexplained pain. And everyone was always worried about blood clots. Several Er doctors and my Onc said that chemo made you more prone o blood clots.  I was on chemo drug called Avastin and after the second round it caused a mild heart attack.  That was one of the rare side effects of that chemo.  The doctors think that it caused a blood clot that caused the heart attack and then dissolved from the medicine they put me on.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Cancer makes you more clot prone

    I actually had a minor stroke at week 13 of my chemo regimen. I am now on Coumadin for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with afib also and that combination led to clots. 

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    I was concerned about this

    I was concerned about this because I had a pulmonary embolism 9 years ago. Fortunately I didn't have any problems with chemo, but I was still referred to our local clotting and blood institute and I have been having shots prescribe there to prevent clots. Actually I didn't get all of that until after chemo was over. It took that long to get in.The doctor said having a port also cause some inflammation which could add to clot possibility. I was allowed to take Aleve while on chemo when one of my friends wasn't allowed this. I said probably because I had a clot before.

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    Thankyou ladies for your

    Thankyou ladies for your responses. It seems like a common side effect of chemo and also cancer itself. Did the medicines you took to dissolve the clot affect your platelate and white blood cell count recovery during chemo?