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Hi all,

My mothe at age 59 was diagnosed in February with stage 4 uterine carcinosarcoma.  She went through Chemo and finished about 5 weeks ago.  Within that 5 weeks her cancer has spread significantly with reports of activity in her pelvis, abdomen, liver, intestine, ureter, and lynph nodes in the chest.  We know that this is really bad. But we don't know what to expect in terms of times or pain... Etc.  she will be starting another round of chemo On Tuesday 9/20.  The meds used will be Ifosfamide and Paclitaxel.  I guess I'm just asking for anyone to share anything at all that might be helpful for mom. She's really down and scared... As we all are. Thanks 


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    I really dont know if i have

    I really dont know if i have any advice but i want you to know ive been thinking of the two of you during the weekend.  Im sure its hard not  to get down after a recrance. Sometimes this kind of cancer can be scary enough with out a reacurance I really hope that some more women can respond to you as well.  At times I think the worst and then i reallize it doesnt help me.  I hope you cann hold on to hope.

    This is a story of a lady who has MMT uterine cancer. (angel howerton) I read this and you might want too.  Shes got more stuff online as well. 

    Please know i will be thinking and praying for the two fo you.

    A great big Hug for the two fo you, Janae

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    You can also click on search

    You can also click on search CSN members at the top right hand corner and when you have done that you can put MMT as a key word and click on uterine cancer and it will pull up different members about me pages that you can read about.

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    Hi Christina, I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's recurrence. I was also diagnosed with MMMT (uterine,stage 1b, grade 3). My frontiline chemo treatment used the same meds that your mother will be receiving (Ifosfamide/Paclitaxel). They seemed to work for me as I have been NED since June 2016. 

    I received 6 rounds of treatment every 21 days (with 28 external radiation treatments between the 3rd and 4th rounds). Each chemo round took 3 days. The first day was the longest - about 8 hours -because both meds were administered (along with Mesnex to protect the bladder from the Ifosfamide and a whole host of anti-nausea meds). The second and third days were shorter - about 4 hours - because just the Paclitaxel and the anti-nausea meds were administered.

    I also received a Neulasta injection the day after each round - the cool little "onpro" injector that automatically gives you the shot the next day. 

    Overall, I had very few side effects from the chemo. The Neulasta injection was a different story. I had major bone pain in my jaw after the first shot. It was super intense so I ended up taking some of the pain meds that were left over from my sugery along with keeping a heating pad on my jaw. It took about 2 days to start to subside and then I just took Advil. The second - sixth shots were not nearly as bad so I just took the Advil along with the heating pad. Of course, I lost all my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes but those all came back after the chemo ended. My taste buds changed too but that seems to have cleared up now, too.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Wishing you and your mother strength and peace as you continue on this journey. Kim