September is gynecologic cancer awareness month!

Below the belt warriors wear your peach and teal colors for yourself, each other, and all the sisters we have lost.  Being on this board long enough means I, like many of you, have seen a us lose a friend or two.  Multiply that by the ladies we personally know and we are a nation.  

God bless the warriors.

God bless the researchers.



  • TeddyandBears_Mom
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    Agree!  Thanks for the

    Agree!  Thanks for the reminder.

    Great new picture No Time!

  • janaes
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    No time, thanks for the info.

    No time, thanks for the info.  I  love your picture.  I have never put my picture on this site. Before chemo, my  hair style and color was alot like yours.  It gave me hope when i saw your picture  for the future.

  • Lou Ann M
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    Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info.

    Love the picture.

    Lou Ann

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    Love your picture! You hair

    Love your picture! You hair looks a lot like my wig and former hair style. Right now mine is growing in with more gray than I would like. Oh well, it's growing:)

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    I am wearing my peach all the

    I am wearing my peach all the time now on my arm for me and all the ladies on this board, those we have lost, the present and the future ladies.

    Love your have updated it.  Looking good.  trish

  • NoTimeForCancer
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    You ladies are sweet

    You ladies are sweet commenting on my picture.  The hair has been everything under the sun.  The worst part was I needed a new passport picture when my hair was super short - UGH.

    Soup -  mine came in super soft like baby hair, then it turned grayer, then it turned brown, then it formed perfect riglets on its ownas it grew out , then straight pieces and now it is straight with some kink in it.  It never really came back to what it was.  Oh well.  

    My poster is sitting in my office right now and everyone is forced to look at it when they come in.  I am waiting for someone to tell me to get rid of it - I doubt they will - I will protest the pink, breast cancer stuff.  

    Hold your heads up high all you peach (uterine) and teal (ovarian & cervical) cancer warriors!