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I know i did the right thing to stay home and take care of myself so dont get me wrong on this post.  Its been hard today.  Im not used to having my kids gone. being home by myelf was hard real hard.  I have said i changed chemo meds this last time and it was making me nausiated more than the other drug i was on.  It was way harder to eat.  Ive been snacking on chereos a lot.  I didnt have any one here to get me things and when i didnt feel like eating it made it even harder.  I did eat though.  I had a greak yogart and some bread and toast and a tomatoe.  I was a bit nervous to eat the tomatoe but it tasted juicy and good.  Because its the season for tomatoes people keep giving us them.  I hope tomarrow is a litttle better and easier. Im glad my kids are home now. 


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    I am glad,you stayed home and

    I am glad,you stayed home and are taking care of yourself.  The time off will do you good.  I don't like being by myself so I understand how hard it was to be home by yourself especially when you don't feel good.  I had a perscription for Ondansitron that really helped with nausia. Lorazapan also works for nausia.

    Hugs and,prayers, Lou Ann

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    thanks for the

    thanks for the recommendations. my doctor perscibed ondansetrom 8mg  I took that before with my other chemo medicine, but didnt have much nausia.  Maybe the first few days and it wasnt bad at all.  I was able to eat regularly and eat and drink anything pretty much.  Im not sure if the medication was doing its job or if it just wasnt that bad. Hope fully this pill helps tonight and if it does i will stick with it but if not i might call the nurse and see if i can get one of the drugs you recommended.  At least i feel hope now.

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    Zofran dissolving type

    At the first sign of any stomach upset, including aversion to any food, I took dissolving Zofran ( which I think is the same as the ondesettron you're speaking of ). This version dissolves under your tongue and acts unbelievably fast. Maybe that would help with your appetite?