Time to Live Life Once Again

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Hi all,

I had my 3 month post surgery blood work and CT scans a couple weeks ago. I am happy to report my CEA count was the lowest it has been since this all began nearly 5 years ago. My CT scan was clear. I am very grateful my Dr. got back to me with my results in a couple days. I don't have to tell you all how hard the waiting is. Since everything looked good right now, my Dr. planned to order the next tests for 4 months. That puts it right before Christmas. I asked if we could put it out a couple weeks so I could enjoy the holidays. She agreed.

So, since I am blessed with a few more months of life before the next tests, we are packing up and heading back to Costa Rica for a few weeks then on to Panama for awhile before returning home. We will be back in about 6 weeks.

Funny, a few people have asked me if I was concerned about the Zika virus. Seriously? After 14 months of chemo over the last few years my blood would probably be more dangerous to the mosquito. Ha! I am going to take it on faith, right along with hoping my recently shortened colon handles the amazing food.

Life is nothing if not an adventure right?

Blessings all.





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    Rock It Malice

    Want to see photos of zip lines in Costa Rica again soon.  As to Zika, yeah.  I have probable another cancer which is like baby cancer compared to CRC.  Zika?  Okay.  Zip Line Photos.  :)  

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    Congrats MAliceR

    Glad to hear your tests came back looking good.  I'm jealous of your trip but happy for you as well.  I think the universe owes you a decent vacation.


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    Good for you!! Have a

    Good for you!! Have a fabulous vacation!!

    I have a CT scan coming up in a few weeks and I hate how I start to focus on the cancer again when the rest of the time I can just pretend Im fine. We're going away for the long weekend right after and I wonder if I should but yeah, I should! I wouldn't get the results until the following week anyway at the soonest.

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    Grab that ring, MaliceR, even

    Grab that ring, MaliceR, even the oldest humans only get so many go-rounds. Enjoy your trip.

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    Just Love It

    I love to read these posts.

    Enjoy each and every second!!!!!!

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    I just came back from St.

    I just came back from St. Thomas.  I have to say I never would have spent the money on going if it wasn't for cancer.  Viva!!!!  Enjoy your trip and the delicious food.  I'm in concurrence, let's see pics of ziplining.  We just went and it was absolutely AWESOME!  Best part of the trip along with snorkeling with the turtles.