Cancer Book Reccomendations and inspiration?

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Hi everyone. Hoping that I can get some inspiration for some health book / cancer-related stories. I'm building a small collection for a friend who mentioned that she wants to read more about other people's stories. How they dealt with cancer and more importantly how they lived happy lives - kept active etc.... If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post them below. If you could quickly post why you liked it as well that would be amazing. thanks so much! 


  • rodneykweaver
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    Hi there.

    A book a read 2 years ago after my wife was diagnosed with Cancer is "COUPLE CONFRONTING CANCER".  As I read the book I had a lot of "ah ha moments".  Although my wife is in remission do to a hysterectomy that she fought not to have by going through countless radiation and chemo treatments = she is still in the FEAR mode and pushing me away (trying to end our marriage).  It's pretty ugly right now for our relationship, family and marriage (she overcome by fear and cognitive distortions).  I am not giving up!

    The book was helpful for what to expect! 

    Best of luck!