It's Back


Hi Ladies,

Not posted for a while, busy burying my head in the sand. Had call friday night to say cancer active.

So had surgery 8 months ago, 2nd line chemo finished in March.

Now what?

Feeling very low



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    Saddle Up

    Horrible news but guess what you lost this one little battle, you have done this before and you will fight again until you win the war.  We all know it may come back but that doesn't end the game. Yep feel low for a short time.  But get angry and use that to focus against cancer.  You are a warrior woman, as we all are or we wouldn't be on this site.  I truly truly am sorry but I truly want you to get ready to do more battle.  God bless you, dear lady,  I am praying for you.


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    Oh Lily Anne, I am so sorry.

    Oh Lily Anne, I am so sorry.  So did they set you up for an appointment to come in and talk about your next steps?  I know this is not the call you wanted to get.  

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    I am so sorry

    This is really rotten.  It has to be so hard to have to mentally gear up to start treatment again.  I'm sending you a hug and wishing you strength.

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    LA, so sorry to hear this. It

    LA, so sorry to hear this. It just really sucks!

    Please let us know what the next steps are for you.

    Sending you loads of strength and support.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Eldri said it best

    I think Eldri said it best when she put what we're dealing with as a chronic disease in an earlier thread a while ago. When you look at it that way, like diabetes, it's something we have to come to terms with dealing with, hopefully, for many years. Keeping a close eye on things and returning for treatment from time to time, while not pleasant, are going to be a part of living with cancer. At least that's the way I'm trying to look at life now because I'm scared that I'm high risk for recurrance, too. All I can do is keep moving forward so that I can have a life in between the drama. The wisdom shared on this site by others has been so helpful and I fully agree with what everyone else has shared on this thread. Don't lose hope!