Jawbone Replacement due to disintegration of radiated jawbone

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I have done tons of research on the best doctor and the best medical facility to have this procedure done.

I have very strong opinions about this but hoping not to offend anyone would be willing to share them if there is interest. I was initially diagnosed with Stage 4 oral cancer of the tongue in 2002, I have had 5 surgeries since then at the best hospitals and with the best surgeons in chicago.

Being doubly radiated (ugh!) my jawbone started to deteriorate in 2011 to the point that I was in indescribable pain for the entire year. I had several "holes' in my chin that drained fluid constantly. I was a sight!

I am at this moment 8 weeks post surgery for a complete jawbone replacement and neck skin replacement! I was fortunate to have Dr. YU (Reconstructive Surgeon) at MD Anderson with Dr. Meyer (Otolaryngologist and surgeon) as team member! I had put off the surgery for an entire year because of fear! Fear of losing my speech and my ability to swallow liquids to some degree. Fear of the pain and surgery itself. Fear of yet another medical failure! Nevertheless it ws the ast stop !

I sit here a complete success having no pain for the first time in years. I don't want to take up a lot of space on this blog with such a specific topic but if anyone would like to contact me directly please feel free to do so: marianne2428@yahoo.com


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    Hi Gammy ..
    Thanks for sharing .....so glad you are no longer in pain.... :)

    Was your cancer base of tongue? And when you say radiated 2x...I thought one could only have radiation once in the same area?


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    Jawbone replacement

    hi guys... my name is tim and im scheduled to have jawbone replacement surgery due to radiation bombardment for oral cancer(lip) from sun exposure...also front saliva glands and limpnodes were radiated....also went thru chemo....my bottom jawbone is like swiss cheese and it swells and hurts and hurts and swells...im sure y"all know about this.....im having my surgery in charlotte n.c.   can anyone tell me what to expect.....ive been thru so much as we all have so im up for letting monkeys fly out of my butt if it will take away the pain and swelling.....my teeth were destroyed from radiation and i currently have dentures which is a jokje.....please enlighten ne anyone

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    You know what I'd do??

    Sweetgammy has her email addy in her post.  I'd send her an email.  She went thru hell for a long time, and now...BINGO! she's doing ok.  There are a couple more people here who have had jaw bone replaced.  Maybe start your own thread...so people will know it's a recent inquiry.


    marianne2428@yahoo.com   That's sweetgammy's email

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    Jaw replacement


    PM me and I'll explain my surgery for left side mandible replacement in 2014.

    all the best