Trouble Sleeping

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Are any of you having trouble sleeping? A few weeks ago I did the unthinkable and moved into another room so I could sleep. There are two reasons for me doing that (My dear wife understands).

My wife gets restless at night

I stay awake all night just listening to her breathe and my mind starts to race

I finally went into the other room and turned on a fan that usually lulls me to sleep. I am thinking of asking about some kind of sleep aid from my doctor but not sure if this is the right way to go.


  • Noellesmom
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    My husband is a six year cancer survivor with multiple serious health issues.

    Jim has advanced COPD as well as scar tissue in his throat. When he slept in the bed he tried to prop up on pillows but fell over on me repeatedly during the night. Compounding this are breathing sounds that are so loud that he can be heard throughout the house.

    We put a recliner in the bedroom where he now sleeps and it has helped so lot. Last night, though, was an especially noisy night so I had very interrupted sleep.  Unfortunately, there are doctor's appointments today so I'll be driving in this sleep-deprived state.

    So, yes, David, I get it.


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    My friend was diagnosed in May and although she's doing great (4 more radiation sessions...hooray!), I'm having terrible trouble sleeping.  Mine is becasue I'm scouring the internet in the evening looking for clinical trials, researching disability, etc. and it's interrupting my sleep/dreams.