Throat Cancer

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My husband has had seven weeks of radiation and seven chemo treatments for throat cancer.  His last treatment was one month ago.  Does anyone know how long it takes for the throat and mouth to heal?  He had terrible mouth sores and has two areas that are just not healing.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


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    In my case it took about two weeks

    When I had my chemotherapy; (I did not have radiation), I got mouth sores and a very sore mouth after the first few treatments. I used a “magic mouthwash” formula that my oncologist gave me that helped some but it still took about two weeks before I could comfortably eat again. Other folks who have posted here that have had radiation have reported that it can take two weeks to a month before the soreness from radiation improves.

    I hope your husband will be feeling better soon.

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    I had pre surgery chemo and radiation.  The radiation basically fried my throat shut.  I had to take liquid morphine to be able to eat.  That cleared up after my esophagectomy.  Hope it goes better for you.