abnormal CT scan results

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Hi... I had a CT scan done on 5/31 due to shortness of breath.  I'm a former smoker ( 2 packs/day for over 30 years).  It showed enlarged lymph nodes >2cm.  My CRNP said she "does not know how to interpret this" and referred me to a pulmonary doc but appointment is not until end of July.  Has anyone else has this finding and does anyone else think this is way too long to wait to have the results interpreted?



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    At >2cm but smaller than 3 it

    At >2cm but smaller than 3 it is not yet a mass.  This could very possibly be a reaction to allergens, swelling from a recent illness or exposure to fumes.   There's a good chance that they would wait 2-3 Months before doing another CT for comparison.  

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    I personally would not wait

    I personally would not wait that long for appointment . Do u hane any other abnormal signs going on besides the shortness of breath ?