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Hello I had tongue cancer 16 years ago. Had surgery , radiation , and chemo. Loving all the side effects that come with radiation to the mouth and constantly dealing with losing teeth. I had 4 teeth removed and had the oxygen treatments 4 years ago. I then had another tooth pulled and had another 10 oxygen treatments. Now  4 years later having more teeth removed and the oral surgeon says that because I had hyperbaric before that having them again this time will not help. So debating on having these teeth pulled without hyperbaric. Saw some research that suggests that once you have the treatment the benefits stay with you. So confused about what to do. Any advice?


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    Go to the Source

    I would say talk to a specialist in HBO for an answer.  The one that put me into HBO is the one that wrote the protocol. 

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    Yes I too have about 50 dives under my belt; but because I took radiation twice to the same area of the head they want HBO everytime I do anything on the neck up. That stuff is not cheap.