Update on my freaking out

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So last week, my husband was going to see his ENT about a suspicious spot at the back of his mouth. He is 5 months NED after stage 1 tongue cancer treatment. I was freaking out naturally. You all helped me calm down.

He had the appointment, and the doc did not think it was cancer, but to be on the safe side, he decided to biopsy the spot. So the biopsy was yesterday. And thank goodness, it was not cancer. It was an area of tissue necrosis (or tissue death). So the doctor removed all of the area and now we are back on track with our scheduled surveillance plan with the next scan in mid August. The ENT said that sometimes about 4-6 months after radiation, there will be an area of tissue in a tight spot of the mouth that decides not to heal and just die and that will cause pain. And that was what this was. So now with that removed, my husband will feel better, and knowing it was not cancer, we can breathe easier.

Thanks for talking me down. I am glad we are ok.


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    Thank you for the information

    Thank you for the information. I am happy it was not cancer and that I know not to panic should the same happen to me. I have stage 1 tongue cancer, as well.

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    Glad you posted!

    I have been thinking about you and wondering how your biopsies came out. So glad to know that the spot was not cancer. I know how your heart can just stop at the thought of recurrance. Thanks for posting so we can all heave a sigh of relief and celebrate with you, Prayers for a continued good recovery.


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    Very good!  Very NED!


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    Great news!

    Let's hold hands and dance to "Freak Out" together!!

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    Yes - let's dance! That one would be good to dance to. Another that comes to mind is "Celebrate" (remember, it goes like this - Celebrate good times - come on!!!)


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    Oh yeah, I love that song too...

    We were doing classic disco night at my friend's house last month...all the women dancing and the guys just sitting there, LOL!

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    I am a little behind the times but that is so awesome!  

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    Now Freak out is stuck in my

    Now Freak out is stuck in my mind. Great song!

    Glad for the good news. 

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    Thank you for the update....

    Very good news and thanks for the update. You both did the right thing, if you have any dought have it checked to make sure. Very glad it was good news.


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    Freaking out

    Happy to hear the good news. I don't think any of us is immune to the freak out. The closer the symptoms to the original site the freakier your thoughts go. One of my friends is a 25 year survivor and she said when she has a new symptom, her first thought is of cancer. It's not freaky; it's normal!

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    I'm so glad it went well.

    I'm so glad that it went well. Blessings to you and your husband!