Happy Fathers Day

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To all you dads out there.  Hope you have a very special day!



  • foxhd
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    Had a

    wonderful day Donna. Thanx. I'm still having it.

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    Thank you

    Thank you ladies for doing your part in making us father's.




  • mrou50
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    It has been a good day at my house thanks for the well wishes, and happy fathers day to all, here is to many, many more.


  • Yeric
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    Fathers day plus

    Day before fathers day The Wife takes a call from our Daughter.  After a bunch of ohs an ahhs Ma ended the call with "I'll tell Dad". 

    We should have been celebrating our 40th aniversity.  Funny that.

    bbq ribs and corn on the cob had to do double duty.

    Still not complaining.  Bobby