Road trip!

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I'm leaving Illinois tomorrow and taking a road trip with my daughter to Calif. I'm picking her up from OHare and we will take the south western route back to her home. I've got my Sutent, wipes, Tylenol, Tomms toothpaste, Magic mouthwash and Immodium! I may have Stage IV RCC but there's a lot left to see and experience!! Wishing you all many wonderful adventures this summer! 


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    Enjoy your trip

    Enjoy your trip

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    Sorry I missed this last night

    I want to go tooooo!!!   (I'm whining)

    Enjoy your trip, sounds AWESOME!!


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    If you could drop in on Maryland on your road from Chicago to California. Ive never seen California:(

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    Enjoy your road trip.  There is a lot to see an do on the way.

    The Wife and I drove from Alaska to Washington state in 2004.  We still talk about it.

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    Have a wonderful father -

    Have a wonderful father - daughter trip. Those are the best. I'll never forget mine :)

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    APny said:

    Have a wonderful father -

    Have a wonderful father - daughter trip. Those are the best. I'll never forget mine :)

    How fun! I like your attitude

    How fun! I like your attitude, not to let anything hold you back from LIVING!



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    Have a great time!

    Have a great time!

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    you'll hve a blast. Because you are living with cancer. Not dying from cancer.

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    Have Fun

    Have a safe and happy trip.



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    If you want to travel up the

    If you want to travel up the Pacific Coast Highway from Cali, I would be glad to show you around "Beautiful British Columbia". Growing up in the USA, I still have a strong connection to California, but this is truly a place where you can be at peace and enjoy nature. We have numerous parks and untainted, natural beauty as far as the eye can see!

    Have an awesome trip and let us know how things are going!

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    Road Trip

    Sounds like a super trip.  There are lots of great things to see along Route 66 as well as in the many National Parks (this is their birthday year). 

    Jerzy, in Southern California