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I had my second follow up with the surgeon today.  (Tumor removal, tongue).  Everything looks good.  He did say that he could do an outpatiet surgery to fix the lump of skin on the top of my tongue, but I said I'd wait to see if it goes down any further.  I keep messing with it and it is somewhat inflamed.  I'm gonna give Advil a try to see if that helps.  If not, I will definitely consider the surgery.


  • Grandmax4
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    Happy to hear~~~

    Happy to read you're doing better, in my case, which will be 5 years November 2, I still have the feeling that sent me to an ENT those years ago. My surgeon ( whom I'm in love with, by the way ) reassures me that the cancer is gone. It's a feeling of something in my throat, constantly.I just consider it one of the small  abi normals I live with. 

    I pray the lump goes down on your tongue, on it's own~~~keep the faith!

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    Great news, Tonita!

    Sounds like you are well along the path and that full recovery lies ahead.  Hats off and a virtual high five!!

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    Follow up

    It seems like yesterday you posted your first worried thoughts! Now you are well on the way to healing. I hope you continue to do well.  And Grandmax4-  Five years! Awesome!